MYT1P Kalvac Fully Auto Tube Feeding, Filling and Sealing Machine

Product Features

Top tube welding technology


Plastic molecules are strongly jointed together with ultrasonic power, firm and nice welding regardless of cream remaining on tubes.


Rotary working process


To ensure working efficiency, we apply high quality aluminum alloy to make the rotary table and tube base. Such design is durable and decent and easy to maintain.


PLC Control System


User-friendly operating screen, easy control with finger touch.


Auto Tracking System


With ability to track and adjust the frequency of ultrasonic wave, we ensure every stable sealing result.


This series tube filling and sealing machine is widely used in the fields of food, daily chemi cal, medicine, etc. It’s widely used in industry of toothpaste, cosmetic, drugs and food etc.


It is applicable for plastic tube and aluminum tube. It can filling all kinds of cream, latex, lotion, oil and water etc.


This equipment can automatically fill, seal, stamp batch numbers and exit tubes.

Model MYT1P
Voltage/HZ 220V 50/60HZ
Power 3000W
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%
Filling Capacity 20-30 tube/min Eyemark
Filling Volume 5-250ML
Tube Size Diameter 10-50MM
Tube Length 50-220MM
Air Pressure 0.4-0.8 MPA
Dimensions 183*136*185CM


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