About Us

About Us

As a leader in vertical form fill seal packaging equipment, Kalvac delivers rugged, well-engineered, cost competitive, easy-to-use packaging systems backed by a large world-class service and parts teams.

About Us

Made Easier

Kalvac Industries PLT. is one of the leading suppliers of food processing, packaging machines in Malaysia. We manufacture certain types of machines in our purpose built factory which is located in Kedah, Malaysia.

We have a team of engineers and technicians with combined skills and more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and servicing of agricultural, construction and food-related processing machines. In addition, we also collaborate with reputable manufacturers in overseas to import and distribute on a large scale basis of other types of machines which are not manufactured by us.


​​Our sales and distribution networks are extensive as we are able to cover most of the major cities of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia).


​In recent years, we have also been able to incorporate a robust expansion model specifically for our food processing machines. We are proud of our superior, friendly customer service, which we emphasize on each and every order. We will always strive to achieve our objective to be your reliable partner to supply quality products and efficient services.

Why Kalvac?

Customer Service

Our experienced sales representatives will guide you on your packaging related inquiries and may conduct a demo for your products to fulfill your expectations.

Customer Support

Kalvac customer service representatives are just a phone call away. With a complete inventory of replacement parts, Kalvac assures machine up-time!

Technical Service

Kalvac has one of the largest Technical Support networks in Malaysia, characterized by its proximity, professionalism and quality.

Why Choose Us?

Reduce Overhead Expenses

One of the biggest things that Kalvac provides for your company is reduce overhead expenses. Not only can we cut your labor costs, but manufacturers often see reductions in energy consumption because a our packaging machine is more efficient than humans.

Enhanced Productivity

Through the enhancement of our packaging machines, your daily productivity will certainly improved when compared with existing manual packaging efforts. Also, you will be able to identify clearly on your productivity when using packaging machines as automation guarantees the productivity. This helps to avoid issues such as failing to catch up with supplying deadlines and so on.

Consistent Quality

Consistency has always been the key to automation success. Packaging quality matters when comes to marketing your products as it is the first impression that your potential customers perceived. A consistent quality in packaging gives a good impact on your overall product reliability and assurance.