RS450 Kalvac Fully Auto R Type POF Wrapping and Cutting Machine with Heat Shrinking Machine


Model RS450 RS550 RS650 RS750 RS850
Voltage/HZ 220V 50/60HZ
Power 1.35KW 1.55KW 1.65KW 1.85KW 2.2KW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.8MA
Capacity 0-30PCS/MIN
Max. Product Length 2500MM
Max. Product Width 350MM 450MM 550MM 650MM 750MM
Max. Product Height 150MM or 250MM
Max. Conveyor Load 15KG
Film Material POF/PE
Temperature 0-400℃
Dimensions 185*105*158CM 216*110*158CM 235*120*158CM 255*140*158CM 275*150*158CM

RS450, RS550, RS650, RS750, RS850