SLD260A Kalvac Desktop Type Piston Round Bottle Labelling Machine


Product Features

Easy-to-use control system with siemens or Panasonic PLC.


The Labelling Machine detects the label and bottle automatically, with a variable speed conveyor for the different capacity requirements.


No changeable parts for different size of bottles and labels.


High running speed is up to 120 bottles per minute.


Equipped with a hot stamp printer in order to print the batch or expiry date.


Easily and simply adjust to accommodate the different sizes of bottles and label sizes.


Round bottle、flat bottle, carton, bag, express box and etc.

Model SLD260A
Voltage/HZ 220V 50/60HZ
Power 700W
Capacity 0-40Bottles/Min
Bottle Size 40-90MM
Label Size (L)20-120MM*(W)40-150MM
Accuracy ±1MM
Dimensions 140*112*90CM