Kalvac A-03 Manual Filling Machine



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Product Features

The A-03 is designed for small scale production for accurate filling. It does not require any power supply and works purely on mechanical parts. The filling capacity can be mechanically callibrated according to the specified range. The design of Kalvac A-03 manual filling machine has a solid body that sits firmly on any flat surface. It dispenses a consistent amount of specified liquid volume every time the lever is pulled. The dispenser will be recharged once the lever is pushed back to its original position.

Dimension of Packaging 330 (L) x 300 (W) x 790 (H) mm
Weight 14 kg
Type Manual Filling
Productivity 20-30 feed/minute
Feeding Range 5 – 50 ml (adjustable)
Funnel/Tank Capacity 10 L
Tolerance +/- 2%