GS520A Kalvac GS Series Vertical Auger Filling & Packaging Machine with Auger Screw Feeder

Product Features

Kalvac GS Series Auger Filling Machines are best suited for filling dry products, powders, and granules. All of our auger filling machines are based on heavy-duty stainless steel frames with all contact parts made of food grade materials.


With ability to synchronization with most of automatic packing machine, it works to

Dosing, filling, sealing job.


Kalvac GS Series Auger Filling Machine equips side open hopper for easy cleaning, maintenance. Air proof hopper, dust proof with easy nitric flushing.


It also comes with sus 304 frame.


Suitable for food, cosmetic, medicine packing such as milk powder, pepper, coffee, flour, chilli powder, cocoa, icing sugar, baby food, ground spices, and etc.


Kalvac GS Series Auger Filling & Packaging Machine with servo motor driven, is designed for high precision powder dosing.


GS Series Auger Filling Machine is designed to handle all types of rigid plastic, metal, and glass containers.

Auger Screw

Powder Feeder

Vertical Auger

Filling Machine

GS Series

Packing Machine

Model GS420A GS520A GS720A
Voltage/HZ 2.5KW 380V or 220V 50/60HZ
Power 2.8KW 3.8KW
Bag Type Center Seal, Gusseted Bag, 4 Side Seal Gusseted Bag, Vacuum Bag
Pack Speed 20-60 bags/min 20-60 bags/min 20-50 bags/min
Bag Length 40-350MM 80-400MM 80-500MM
Bag Width 80-200MM 100-250MM 200-350MM
Film Width Max. 420MM Max. 520MM Max. 720MM
Filling Range 1000G 2000G 5000G
Air Pressure 0.4-0.8MPA
Packing Machine Dimensions 130*101*145CM 155*110*151CM 173*145*204CM
Auger Filler Dimensions 60*100*50CM 90*110*70CM 90*110*70CM
Auger Feeder Dimensions 125*105*105CM 125*105*105CM 125*105*105CM
Feeder Tube Dimensions 300*15*15CM 300*15*15CM 300*15*15CM
Attachments Eyemark Sensor, Coding Printer